Gabrielle Wang

Photo of author Gabrielle WangPreferred audience: prep-year 6, secondary groups (girls only), years 3-10, teachers and parents

Gabrielle’s stories are a blend of Chinese and Western culture with a touch of fantasy. Her books are about ghost hunters and enchanted gardens, hidden monasteries and fox spirits. They are about belonging and home and finding strength from within. Her latest books are The Wishbird and the Our Australian Girl Pearlie books. 

Gabrielle’s primary school talks are a combined talk and drawing workshop. She discusses inspiration and shares stories and pictures then finishes with an illustration. The children come away buzzing with excitement at their own drawings.

Gabrielle also conducts Chinese painting workshops for students years 3-10 and teachers; creative writing workshops for years 3-10 with fun exercises to expand the imagination; talks to year 9 girls studying Little Paradise; and talks to prep-2 students using her picture book The Race for the Chinese Zodiac.

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