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David Caddy

Preferred audience: Primary SchoolDAVIDCADDYC

David is one of Western Australia’s most sought after presenters because he teaches children the craft of writing through games, songs, dances, origami, and story.

‘Totally engrossing … thoroughly entertaining … excellent’.

His books include Whammy, Whacko, The Reef, Smash, Pope Max and The Bear Collection.

David has run an assortment of writing related workshops ranging from a highly participatory session for a hundred Grade One children to teaching ‘writing horror stories’ to a hundred Year 6 students. He has presented in lecture theatres, and under the night sky to both children and adults.

Josh Langley

Preferred Audience: primary school – Years 2 to 6 and adultsJosh Langley Author Photo 2

Josh is the author of 5 books and in 2016 he released his ground breaking children’s book, Being You is Enough and other important stuff which he took to over 14 schools as part of the Margaret River Young Readers Festival.

Being You is Enough is a 40-minute presentation for primary school kids aged between 7 and 11 to help them with issues of self-esteem, emotional wellbeing and creativity. It’s described as ‘Funny, energetic and inspiring’ and fits in with schools’ pastoral care policies. 

Josh also gives talks and workshops for adults on how to unlock creativity, stories from his afterlife investigation books and his own inspiring personal story going from failing high school to being a successful author, illustrator and speaker.

Leanne White

Photo of author Leanne WhitePreferred audience: all ages

Leanne is an author/illustrator with eight published books including the William the Wild series, focusing on nature play and our amazing natural heritage of wildlife and wild spaces. Having lived in the remote north and the beautiful southern, Leanne’s passion for our shared wilderness is without boundaries.

As an experienced teacher, she is happy to demonstrate the illustrating process from idea, drafts, storyboards, sketches and final illustrations. Using PowerPoint, puppetry and performance drawing, Leanne will inspire children to unplug, connect and revel in their natural world. She has spoken to adults (through her role as an art/music teacher) about the beauty of encouraging their children to unplug, engage and build a love for the natural world and the importance of imaginative and creative play.

Leanne is passionate about building children’s literacy.

Kelly Canby

Kelly Canby

Preferred audience: Kindergarten to Year 12

Kelly is an internationally-published illustrator, and recently author, of over a dozen books for children. With a Bachelor of Art in Design from Curtin University, Kelly applies her edgy, quirky style to the pages of picture books, chapter books, early reader books, colouring books and beyond! Her books are published widely throughout the US and the UK.

Comfortable with both large and small groups, Kelly’s presentations are lively, fun and interactive. Presentations to younger groups usually involve a reading of one of Kelly's picture books followed by some talking, some questions and a whole lot of drawing! Older groups will be taken through the range and diversity of books, the varying styles and the processes involved in the books Kelly has published, followed by some talking, questions and a whole lot of drawing!

Kelly can get as messy as you like with group charcoal drawings or she can keep it clean with up-the-front drawing demonstrations and audience participation activities.

Gabriel Evans

Gabriel Evans

Preferred audience: primary and lower secondary

Gabriel is an illustrator of over fifteen books. He recently added author to his title with the new series Woodland Whiskers.

Working in a diverse range of styles, he creates whimsical paintings for books and gallery artwork.

Gabriel's workshops are interactive and energetic. Students gain insight into the processes and functions of an illustrator's journey through images and art demonstrations. Students role play the illustrator by creating book covers, designing characters and interpreting text visually.

Workshops are tailored to individual organisations requirements. Art demonstrations are profusely provided.

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